Where can I see an Ekodome in person?

Visiting an Ekodome nearby or speaking to Ekodome owners

To experience an Ekodome firsthand, the best option is to attend one of the trade shows we participate in throughout the year. We regularly announce the dates and locations of these trade shows on our social media platforms and website. Another way to see an Ekodome in person is to visit a retreat center that has our domes incorporated into their facility. While we have numerous domes built for household use across the USA, Caribbeans, the UK, Europe, and Australia, it's important to note that not all household users allow visitors on their premises. Our company headquarters in NY is primarily an office space and does not display any domes, while our warehouse in NJ has limited visitor access. However, our manufacturing facility in Istanbul, Turkey is open to visitors and offers a firsthand look at where our domes are produced, along with the opportunity to meet our dedicated team behind the scenes.

If you're interested in hearing about the experiences of our customers, we have a collection of testimonials available on our website. Additionally, there are several buyer/builder groups on social media that frequently share reviews and feedback about our domes.

Furthermore, we have exciting plans to open a dedicated showroom in 2024. Although the specific details are still being finalized, we encourage you to sign up for our newsletter to stay informed and be among the first to receive updates about this exciting development.