What makes Ekodome different from other geodesic dome kits?

Ekodome vs. other dome kits

Ekodome is not your typical geodesic dome tent. Unlike tents, Ekodomes are constructed with hard shell panels that provide exceptional security against wild animals or intruders. These panels are incredibly tough, making it impossible to slash through with a utility knife. In fact, Ekodomes are designed to withstand even Category 5 hurricanes and support over 140 pounds of snow per square foot. They are also resistant to heat, water, ozone, UV rays, and various weather conditions. The solid construction of Ekodome makes it more resistant to extreme weather conditions as compared to dome tents on the market. 

One of the great advantages of Ekodome is that you don't need to hire a contractor or a builder. Our Ekodome kits are specifically optimized for self-assembly, requiring only a small group of people and a minimal set of tools. With just a day's worth of work, you can have your Ekodome up and ready to use. Our domes feature embedded seals to keep out rain, insulated sandwich panels for cold weather, ventilation for hot days, and a sturdy framework to withstand hurricanes. No matter the occasion, we are fully prepared.

Unlike regular geodesic dome tents with a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, an Ekodome can last more than 50 years when properly maintained. It's like having a conventional house, but with the added benefit of a fully engineered geodesic dome system, all without the high price tag. Each triangle of the Ekodome has its own solid cover, allowing for easy replacement of individual pieces if needed rather than having to replace the entire cover like you would with a regular dome tent. Tents have PVC or vinyl covers that can fade out or yellow over time, but the robust materials we use on our domes have a color guarantee for 20 years. They are designed for semi-permanent or permanent use, offering longevity compared to temporary shelter solutions like dome tents.

Our domes are designed to provide the best user experience possible. Additionally, we take pride in manufacturing our products with respect to the planet, and we invest in people and continuous research and development.

Ekodomes are versatile and can be used for various purposes, including as permanent residences, greenhouses, event spaces, or observatories. The sturdy construction allows for a wide range of applications beyond simple shelter. With superior durability, energy efficiency, and easy assembly as compared to other dome kits on the market, Ekodome is the perfect choice for all your dome needs.