What are the shipping costs? What's included in these costs?

Shipping costs and related fees

For our customers in the United States and Canada, we provide Standard Shipping services through trusted carriers and trucking companies. To determine the shipping cost, simply add the item you want to purchase to your cart and enter your zip code. This will allow you to see the shipping cost before you finalize your order. If you need to change your shipping address, you can easily do so by sending us an email with your new address, and we will update it for you. If you're not ready to install your dome right away and don't have storage, you have the option to reschedule your delivery. We will keep your order safe in our warehouse until your rescheduled date. Once the delivery has been made, it becomes difficult and expensive to recall it, so please plan accordingly. 

To ensure the safe delivery of our domes, we carefully package them in large wooden crates that are specifically designed to fit the contents. The size and number of crates depend on the dome kit configuration, including the number of units, doors, windows, and cover panels. When it comes to unloading and moving the crates onto your property, we use lift-gate trucks equipped with pallet jacks. However, we highly recommend having your own equipment available to assist with unloading and moving the crates.

It is crucial that you thoroughly inspect the crate for any damages upon delivery, as all shipments are insured. If you notice any damage or if any part of your order is missing, please contact us immediately. Providing photos and proof of delivery is essential, especially if there is damage to the packaging. In such cases, we encourage you to ask the carrier on-site to acknowledge the issue on the proof of delivery. This step is crucial for us to file a claim with the insurance company. If there is a missing component, please notify us within 30 days after receiving your product.

We have received inquiries from customers who want to pick up their orders from our warehouse instead of having them shipped to their address. While this is possible, there are certain conditions that need to be met. Our warehouse in NJ only allows products to be discharged through a loading dock, and there is no forklift access available to the outside of the building. If you have a vehicle with an appropriate bed height, picking up your order is definitely an option. However, if you don't have such a vehicle, the warehouse won't be able to hand over the crate to you.

We offer worldwide shipping for our domes, allowing you to have them delivered anywhere in the world. However, it's important to note that shipping costs may not be readily available for every country. If you don't see the shipping cost when you enter your address at checkout, don't worry. You have the option to select "Request a quote" and send us a direct request from your cart. Once we receive your request, we will reach out to our freight forwarder to obtain a quote for you. This quote will be uploaded to your cart, and we will notify you by email for your approval. To ensure a smooth process, please make sure to provide a valid email address during checkout.

For orders outside the United States and its territories, it is important to note that customs duties and other taxes may apply. We deliver your order as CIF (Cost-Insurance-Freight), and once the shipment arrives in your country, the customs clearance process becomes your responsibility. However, we will provide all necessary paperwork to assist you in smoothly navigating the customs clearance process.