What are passive vents? How many do we need?

Passive ventilation in Ekodomes

Passive vents are systems that allow the buoyancy of hot air, coupled with the natural flow of wind, to circulate air throughout a structure. We offer three types of passive ventilation systems to reduce condensation and increase ventilation.

When ordering your dome, you have the option to include passive vents as an add-on to your dome configuration. However, you may be wondering how many passive vents you should add per dome. It depends on the size of your Ekodome, location, climate, usage, how many windows you have, and what type of frame you use.

Original Series Recommendations:

16' Luna: 1 passive vent and 1 operable window or 2 passive vents with no windows.

22' Terra: 2-3 passive vents with 2-3 windows or 4-5 passive vents with no windows.

29' Cosmos and 30' Stellar: 3–4 passive vents with 3–4 operable windows or 5-6 passive vents with no windows.

Pro Series Recommendations: 

16' Luna: 1 grid vent at the bottom, 1 circular vent at the top, and 1 operable window.

22' Terra: 1-2 grid vents at the bottom, 1-2 circular vents at the top, and 2-3 windows.

29' Cosmos and 30' Stellar: 2-3 grid vents at the bottom and 2-3 circular passive vents at the top, along with 3-4 operable windows.

However, if you are going to incorporate a HVAC system into your dome, a fan, or a fireplace, you may need less passive ventilation or zero.

Read our blog on the subject: https://ekodome.com/tackle-condensation-naturally-with-passive-ventilation/