What are passive vents? How many do we need?

Passive ventilation

Passive ventilation is a highly effective and efficient method that operates on a scientific principle, harnessing the power of hot air and the wind to promote airflow through the domes. The buoyancy of hot air, coupled with the natural flow of wind, creates a powerful synergy that encourages the circulation of air within the domes. This process allow for the extraction of damp, stagnant air and the introduction of fresh, clean air into the environment. So it improves the overall air quality and helps maintain a comfortable and healthy living space. 

We offer three types of passive ventilation systems for our original and PRO series domes, and they all provide a hassle-free solution for ensuring optimal air circulation.

When ordering your dome, you have the option to include passive vents as an add-on to your dome configuration. However, you may be wondering how many passive vents you should add per dome.

Well, there's no single answer to that. For a Luna 16ft size, 1 passive vent and 1 operable window may be enough, but for a Cosmos 29ft dome, you may need 3–4 passive vents with 3–4 operable windows. If this is a PRO series dome, you may want to have 2-3 grid vents at the bottom and 2-3 circular passive vents at the top, along with 3-4 operable windows. If you are going to incorporate a HVAC system into your dome, you may need less or zero.

One of the best features of our domes is their modularity. You have the flexibility to order additional parts even after installing and using your dome. If you realize later on that you need passive vents, it's never too late to make that change.