Is a building permit required? How does Ekodome help with permitting?

Submitting a permit application to building departments

You may need a building permit for your Ekodome, depending on your local zoning laws and project. We can help by providing unstamped structural engineering documents and connecting you with DoTect Engineering for additional paperwork.

What's important to understand is that Ekodome structures are typically considered temporary and do not require permits in most cases. However, while there are common national standards that Ekodome structures adhere to, regulations vary depending on the country, state, and county in which you reside.

We are not permitting experts or consultants. Only your local building department can provide you with accurate and up-to-date information regarding permits and any other requirements that may be necessary for your project.

As the customer, it is your responsibility to contact your local building department and understand how the codes and regulations apply to your parcel and what you can legally build before you purchase an Ekodome.

While consulting your local building department, they may tell you that you need structural engineering documents. We provide generic structural engineering documents for our Luna, Terra, Stellar, and Cosmos Pro Series kits for free.

However, depending on your zoning laws and project, these documents may need to be sealed and stamped by a licensed professional engineer (PE) in your state. 

If so, we recommend working with Dotec Engineering. This is our partner, who specializes in Ekodome structures and can assist you. Please keep in mind that there may be a fee associated with obtaining these sealed and stamped documents.