How do the Ekodomes hold extreme cold vs hot temperatures?

Ekodomes' Endurance in the Face of Extreme Cold and Hot Conditions

The Pro Series Ekodome, our specially designed insulated range, is engineered to effectively handle a wide range of temperatures, mirroring the thermal performance of traditional stick-built houses. A key feature enhancing its temperature control capabilities is the incorporation of SIP panels boasting an impressive R24 value. This high thermal resistance ensures that the transfer of heat is significantly impeded, whether it originates from the external environment or the interior of the dome.

Moreover, the inclusion of a polyamide thermal break in the PRO frame system further enhances its ability to regulate temperatures. This thermal break acts as a barrier, minimizing the conduction of heat and cold, thus preventing unwanted energy transfer between the inside and outside of the dome. Whether faced with the challenges of extreme cold or intense heat, the Ekodome's innovative design, with its focus on insulation and thermal breaks, creates a protective envelope that helps maintain a comfortable and stable interior environment. This not only ensures the well-being of occupants but also contributes to energy efficiency, making the Pro Series Ekodome a reliable and resilient choice in diverse climatic conditions.