What is the standard door size, and can you make the doors bigger?

Standard doors that come with basic package, and options to customize

Every Ekodome is equipped with a standard-size single wing door that measures 35 inches (90 cm) in width and 78 inches (198 cm) in height. These doors come with locks and two sets of keys for added security. They are delivered to you fully assembled, making the installation process hassle-free. Simply attach the kit to the frame using the provided bolts and screws, mount the handles, and apply the EPDM seals and gaskets according to the provided instructions.

If you wish to have separate entry/exits for various reasons, you can easily add more doors to your dome when placing your order. Our domes are designed to accommodate multiple doors in different positions. However, for the sake of maintaining the structural integrity of the dome, we recommend a maximum of two doors in small units and three doors in big units. This ensures that your dome remains sturdy and secure.

However, if your goal is to have multiple doors in order to create double wing doors, it is not currently possible. Installing two doors side by side will not result in a larger door opening or double wing doors. However, we are actively working on developing larger doors for our domes, including options such as French doors, sliding doors, and garage doors. These styles will be added to our offerings in the near future. To stay updated on our latest developments, please subscribe to our newsletter.