Do you manufacture custom sizes or larger domes?

Site-specific projects and Ekodome architectural solutions

It depends on the project, timeline, and budget, as well as our existing order queue, design, and manufacturing capacity. 

While there is no technical limit to manufacturing larger sizes, it is important to note that such projects would require a significant amount of labor and have high production costs.

To determine the feasibility of your specific project, we encourage you to provide us with the details for a team review. This will allow us to internally assess the requirements and discuss them with you in detail.

It may seem straightforward to just extend the length of the struts to change the diameter and height, but it's not that simple. If we were to cut longer struts and connect them to the existing hub system, there are several potential issues that could arise:

  • Firstly, the structural integrity of the new, larger dome could be compromised, resulting in a relatively weaker frame.
  • Secondly, the triangles that make up the dome would need to be larger, making it more difficult to find larger sheets of your preferred cover material.
  • Additionally, the assembly process becomes more challenging as the triangles get bigger.
  • Lastly, the accessories, such as doors and windows that are designed for specific triangle sizes, would need to be modified to be compatible with the new size.

Whether or not this approach is possible depends on the purpose of your project. If you are interested in creating larger domes, we will need to custom manufacture new hubs and profiles specifically designed for higher-frequency domes like 6V and 8V. 

It's important to note that manufacturing custom sizes requires additional design and manufacturing time, which typically leads to longer lead times. If you're interested in exploring the possibility of a custom project, please email us the details at