Can we order the framework in different colors?

Customizing the color of Ekodome frames

The frame color of Ekodome is anthracite and it is the standard color for all sizes and models. The RAL color code for this color is RAL7016. RAL colors are commonly used in the architecture and construction industry to define standard colors for varnish and powder coating. Our Class 2 high-quality texture powder coating paint provides excellent UV protection and comes with a minimum 15-year guarantee.

If you are planning to order multiple domes for a specific project, we offer the option to customize the frame color. However, please note that customizing the frame color is only feasible for larger orders. This is because the production and application of the Class 2 paint is not practical for small scale orders. Additionally, the framework of the dome consists of various elements that may require custom coloring to match your selected color, such as the hardware elements.

If you have a requirement for custom frame color, please reach out to our sales team. They will be happy to discuss the possibilities and assist you with your project.