Can I purchase the panels without the Ekodome kit?

Ordering panels only without the Ekodome kit

If you are considering purchasing an Ekodome kit, it's important to know that the panels included in the kit are specifically designed and manufactured to be used exclusively with Ekodomes. These panels undergo a meticulous crafting process to ensure a precise fit and compatibility with the unique structure of our domes.

It is essential to note that these panels are not intended for use with other domes available on the market. The design and specifications of Ekodomes are distinct, and our panels have been tailored to meet the specific requirements of our domes. Therefore, if you do not currently own an Ekodome or have no plans to purchase an Ekodome kit, it is not possible to purchase the panels separately.

However, if you are a customer who has previously purchased a frame-only kit and now wishes to obtain the panels, yes, it is absolutely possible to place an order for the panels separately. We understand that preferences and needs may evolve, and our customer support team is here to assist you in acquiring the panels for your Ekodome. Feel free to reach out, and we will guide you through the process of ordering the panels to complement your existing frame-only kit.