Can I apply insulation to an Original Series Ekodome?

Insulating Ekodomes on your own

Insulating a geodesic dome presents a unique challenge due to its spherical shape and the triangular panels that form its structure. To help you navigate this process, here are some general steps to consider when applying insulation to your Original Series Ekodome:

Interior Insulation:

- Start by installing a continuous vapor barrier on the interior surface of the dome. This will help prevent any moisture-related issues.

- You can then explore various options for insulation, such as rigid foam insulation boards, spray foam insulation, or batt insulation. These can be placed between the structural members of the dome to provide effective insulation.

Exterior Insulation:

- If it doesn't affect the aesthetics or structural integrity of your dome, you may also consider applying insulation on the exterior. This can further enhance the energy efficiency of your dome.

- Rigid foam boards or a combination of foam board and a weather-resistant barrier are good choices for exterior insulation.

Panel Insulation:

- Each triangular panel of the dome can be insulated individually. Depending on your preference, you can either attach insulation to the exterior of the panels before assembly or apply insulation to the interior surface afterward.

Spray Foam Insulation:

- Spray foam insulation is an effective option for geodesic domes as it conforms to the shape of the structure. However, it is recommended to hire professionals for its application to ensure proper coverage and adherence.

Reflective Insulation:

- Reflective insulation is worth considering, especially if temperature control is crucial. These materials can reflect heat back into the dome during colder seasons and reflect sunlight away during warmer seasons, helping to regulate the indoor temperature.

Consult with Experts:

- Seeking advice from professionals experienced in geodesic dome construction or insulation specialists is highly recommended. They can provide tailored solutions based on your dome's specific design and requirements.


- Proper ventilation is essential to prevent condensation issues, especially in tightly insulated spaces. Ensure that your dome has adequate ventilation to maintain a healthy and comfortable environment.

It's important to note that Ekodome Original Series domes are designed with a specific panel thickness in mind. Therefore, before you proceed with applying insulation directly, it's crucial to carefully plan and consider any additional hardware that may be required. It's also essential to be prepared for a do-it-yourself project, both mentally and physically.

Before you begin insulating your geodesic dome, it's also important to consider local building codes, climate conditions, and the unique design of your dome. Consulting with architects, builders, or insulation professionals familiar with geodesic structures will help ensure that the insulation is applied effectively without compromising the dome's structural integrity.